Delaware Quarries, Inc. works to continually diversify its product range

Delaware Quarries, Inc. is a company rich in history. Headquartered in New Hope, PA, the stone producer maintains seven locations along the East Coast. The company not only owns four active quarries, it also has agreements with other stone producers to quarry at their sites. As a result, Delaware Quarries is able to offer an extensive selection of building and landscape stone to customers nationwide. The Building Stone Institute (BSI) once recognized the company as “America’s largest stone supplier.”

In addition to the four active quarries owned by Delaware Quarries, Inc., the company also has three distribution centers, according to Kristin Hollander, sales and marketing coordinator for Delaware Quarries, Inc. Hollander explained that the majority of the company’s facilities are in Florida and Pennsylvania. “Our first quarry opened in 1946,” she said. “It had been a quarry since 1795 — one of the oldest quarries in the country. It is located in Lumberville, PA, and was opened by Lt. Colonel Joseph Busik after he was in World War II. He and his wife started running the quarry together.”

The site in Lumberville sits on the banks of the Delaware River. In the beginning, Busik would cut stone early in the day, and then at night he would head out to sell the stone that he had just produced. Among his first customers was Princeton University. Delaware Quarries, Inc. supplied all of the argillite and sandstone veneers on the school’s buildings that were constructed after World War II, and Princeton University continues to buy stone veneer and flagstone from the company today.