MIA+BSI Release Dimension Stone Design Manual

OBERLIN, OH and CHESTERTOWN, NY-- MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute has released the Dimension Stone Design Manual, version 8.0, the stone industry's single-source reference for dimension stone design and construction facts and details. Major revisions and additions to version 8.0 include the following:

A new restoration and maintenancechapter, totaling 122 pages covering equipment, repairs, sealers, restorative processes and working with commercial and historic buildings, in addition to a 16-page troubleshooting chart containing over 128 photos illustrating common problems and solutions.

Anew tolerances chapter, incorporating the September 2014 technical bulletin "Tolerances in the Dimension Stone Industry" and all tolerances references from previous DSDM editions. This new chapter is formatted as an easy-to-read chart divided into three sectors: stone fabrication, installation and substrate condition tolerances.

A revised wet areas chapter, incorporating the 2013 "Wet Areas Technical Module" and 19 additional pages of large scale detail drawings. The revised chapter includes residential and commercial application details, conformance to current water vapor permeance standards and endorsement of current ASTM, ANSI and TCNA methods and standards.

"The cleaning, maintenance and restoration chapters of the Dimension Stone Design Manual were the only two chapters that had not received significant revision in the past 10 years," said